Power 90 – Day 81

Morning weight: 159

Didn’t do my workout today. Had a dentist appointment right after work, then had to return the in-laws’ truck that we used to get our Christmas tree on Sunday. Got home from there and watched the end of Monday Night Football. By that time it was almost 9pm and I just wasn’t feeling it. I did walk probably 3.5 miles today, however, and several trips up to the fourth floor and down and back again, so I wasn’t a total slug. I’ll get back on track tomorrow.

Power 90 – Day 80

Morning weight: 159

Today was a rest day, so no workout. I was more or less a slug today. Aside from going with the family to get our Christmas tree (we cut our own) all I did was watch football… the 9ers won, but my fantasy team lost, so mixed emotions there. I should have at least gone for a walk or something, but aside from walking around the tree farm, I sure didn’t. I think I ate ok, aside from the two slices of pizza for lunch. Had a banana and protein shake for breakfast and a healthy burrito for dinner. I debated working out today since I didn’t Thursday, but I want to keep Sunday as my rest day so in the end I decided not to.

I’ve been noticing lately that my quads are rock hard. My arms and chest are still too skinny and  my legs don’t look big at all, but when I flex them the difference from how they used to be is significant. I guess all those squats in Sculpt 3-4 are good for something aside from making me sweat and curse out loud. =)

Power 90 – Day 79

Morning weight: 160

They say you shouldn’t weigh yourself every day, but I do it anyway. You just have to make sure you don’t get discouraged if your weight doesn’t necessarily change the way you want it to or you think it should. Especially right after Thanksgiving.

Did Sculpt 3-4 today and felt pretty good about it. Did 17 push-ups each set and 20 on the final, burn-out set. Military Presses and Swimmer’s Presses are still the most difficult for me. I can only do about 12 of the Swimmers Press and I use a lighter band for those too. I kick ass on the squats though!

I ate fairly well today… the only downfall was a nice mug of hot chocolate this evening.

I also added a few links and made a simple but definitely functional favicon. The site is coming along rather nicely I think, but keep in mind it is still a work in progress.  I used Axialis IconWorkshop to make the icon, but for some reason when I uploaded the file the black X was showing up white. Then I went to  Favicon From Pics and uploaded my icon file and it got fixed.

Power 90 – Day 78

Morning weight: 159

Just got done with the “Fat Burning Express” workout. It’s 30 some odd minutes of cardio, 5 rounds of 4 exercises each, and you do each round twice. And after that it was Ab Ripper 200, which is 10 crunch type exercises, 20 reps each. I’m always drenched with sweat afterwards and more than ready for the Results and Recovery Formula. I love that stuff.

I skipped the workout yesterday… didn’t get home from dinner until around 9:30pm and I just didn’t feel like it. I did try to eat healthy yesterday but I wasn’t as successful as I would have liked. My mother-in-law made lasagna for Thanksgiving dinner, and for Hors d’ oeuvres there were meats and cheeses and breads and crackers. There was wine and whiskey and soda; I had two glasses of wine before dinner. I had a small piece of the lasagna (it was very good, she used polenta in place of the noodles) and tried to concentrate on the vegetable dishes of Brussels sprouts and salad. I also had a small piece of cake and a cup of coffee. I swear I ate smart the entire day before that. Oh wait! No I didn’t! We had pancakes and bacon for breakfast! But I also had fruit and fat free cottage cheese. All things considered, I don’t think I did too badly yesterday and honestly I’ve been doing pretty well with the diet lately.  I feel good about it. I just hope I can burn off this last bit of belly fat in the next couple of weeks.