Brazil Butt Lift Printable Calendar

I decided I’m going to try to create printable calendars for several more Beachbody workout DVDs. The first, which I finished over the weekend, is a printable calendar for Brazil Butt Lift. There are worksheets for all four of the BBL iterations: Classic, Slim and Shape, Lift and Shape, Slim and Lift. Read about them here.

Brazil Butt Lift Printable Calendar
Or, as always, on the Downloads page.

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One thought on “Brazil Butt Lift Printable Calendar”

  1. Please consider a TurboFire calendar. I have been so grateful for your P90X and Insanity calendars, that your website was the first that I visited after receiving my TurboFire dvds. I am looking at starting in June, so I would be so thankful if you had time! Thanks!

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