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P90X2 Printable Calendar

I finally got it done. Thank you all for your patience. Please leave any feedback or input in the comments. I’m not sure I’m altogether happy with this current version. I wasn’t sure how to incorporate X2’s more flexible phase transitions. So what did I do? I ignored that particular aspect and simply did the X2 calendar over the top of the original P90X calendar. The only method I could think of to incorporate the flexible transitions would be to have a separate calendar for each phase and then let you print the next phase as you move into it. But then that presents the problem of how to incorporate the recovery weeks and still have the days print out correctly. Maybe it’s possible with more advanced knowledge of Excel. I’m open to suggestion. Or if you just want me to do the phase calendars with the recovery week at the end, not dated or numbered, I can do that. Please please please leave some suggestions or feedback in the comments.

Another thing I did in the P90X2 calendar was that I dropped the X2 from most if not all of the workout titles. I did it so that the text in the cells would be as big as possible. I still have the version with all the X2s in the titles so if you want that one leave a comment or shoot me an email and I’ll get it to you. If enough people want it I can put it up on the Downloads page.

Also, I recently added some google adsense ads. Let me know what you think of those too, and if something catches your eye, please don’t hesitate to click the ad to find out more. I’m getting 5-8 thousand visitors a month and 50,000 page loads just for these crazy calendars! Thank you all.

P90X2 Printable Calendar

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